Topic 4 Why No Physical Violence

In the short and long term, physical violence has extremely negative consequences for children’s physical and mental health; it violates children’s human rights because it is an assault on their dignity. Most likely at some point children will do what their parents want, but this type of punishment can have the following consequences in the future:

  • Worse relations with their parents – preventing the inclusion or continuation of harmful habits such as smoking is a task that does not involve physical violence, because this would encourage our children to resist, retaliate or move away from us.
  • Poorer mental health – for example, lower self-esteem, withdrawing into oneself, unwillingness to share with an adult, this would also be a prerequisite for getting involved in other types of addictions such as: alcohol, drug use.
  • Increase in aggressiveness outside the family – we could be setting the stage for deviant and unacceptable behaviour.
  • Less developed behavioural control skills and low moral standards – violence does not teach them how to behave properly.
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