Topic 4 Some simple advices

  • Start with the open-ended questions because you will get more complete information and it will lead you to the real facts
    • What seems to be the problem?
    • Can you describe to me your attitudes towards alcohol use/ tobacco use/ problematic internet use?
    • Which solutions have you tried?
  • If faced with resistance, try to avoid giving the advice.
  • Instead, try to make them change their attitude through asking on their opinion on the possible harms of smoking/ alcohol use/misuse and/ or problematic internet use and possible benefits of prevention of these behaviours/ addictions
  • Explain to the parents that they should talk to their children in their own language, the language they understand
  • Try to understand the motives and difficulties they face
  • Be supportive
  • Show compassion
  • Help them develop the plan that is culturally acceptable, and acceptable for their family environment, their social status, cultural specificities, their health status and their regular daily obligations
  • Make them aware that you can work as a team
  • Evoke their internal motivation for action and work on their motives for the work on addiction prevention
  • Talk about their children’s habits and school, their social circles and the challenges they may face
  • Talk about the importance of them understanding their children and establishing trust and open relationship
  • Be open-minded
Do not ask `yes` or `no` questions

Questions with “would,” “should,” “is,” “are,” and “do you think” all lead to `yes` or` no`.

Questions with “who,” “what,” “where,” “when,” “how,” or “why” lead to people giving some thought to their answers

Suggestions for Effective Communication

  • Send a letter to parents/guardians
    • Explains noticed problem/problems
    • Explains that school provides a healthy environment and aspires to be the Tobacco and alcohol -Free School
    • Explains school’s policy change and provides scientific reasons and social reasons for the change
    • Asks for support in enforcement
    • Asks how the teacher can help parents/guardians to solve the problem
  • Discuss the importance of the smoking prevention/ prevention of alcohol misuse/ abuse/ problematic internet use during the parent-teachers conferences
  • If you send school newsletters, include the article on smoking prevention and smoking cessation/ alcohol misuse prevention and prevention of problematic internet use
  • React promptly, but not too aggressively