Topic 4 Practice resources

  • The content of the training curriculum of the ADD-FreeTraining project is created on evidence-based procedures that took place in the previous phases of the project.
  • Teachers, one of the main target groups of the ADD-FreeTraining project (along with parents), during the Focus Groups Discussion stressed the fact that they lack materials to deliver a well-informed and interesting lecture (for students and parents) on problematic Internet use. Teachers said that, when preparing such lectures, they have to search for information online and that it is difficult for them to make a distinction between reliable and unreliable sources.
  • Therefore, in the e-learning platform there is included a prepared and ready-for-use lecture (for students and for parents) that teachers can download and use. The lecture contains both theoretical and practical materials such as basic definitions and interactive exercises. The lecture is based on the ADD-FreeTraining Project training curriculum.