Topic 4 How to Talk to Your Teens about Vaping

To talk to your teen about Juuling, vaping, or any other substance use, the phycologist offers four helpful tips for having productive conversations.

Just saying, Don’t Juul (or vape) because it’s bad for you, doesn’t help. (Guilty!) Lecturing about its harmfulness will only compel your teen to keep it a secret from you.

Not every teen will be tempted to Juul or vape. But it’s worth having the conversation if you suspect they may be. “In my daughter Jane’s case, she may truly be holding the cartridges for Penelope. But I suspect that she too is Juuling because her friends are — and like many teens, Jane lives for her friends.” The risk of being ostracised and the social benefit can motivate teens to Juul and try other substances.

Teens can be tempted to Juul or e-cigarettes for many reasons, including not wanting to be bullied, peer pressure, or getting a break from the rigors of the school day. To get to the bottom of any substance use, ask yourself, What is impacting my teen’s self-esteem negatively?

Once you understand why your teen might be drawn to Juuling or vaping, then you can begin to address your teen’s vulnerabilities and build the resilience to counterbalance it

If your teen has developed a nicotine habit in any form, it may be time to have a pediatrician or therapist talk with them.

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