Topic 3 Why Are Boundaries Important?

Boundaries help you to… 

Define Your Identity – you become clear and confident with yourself, and others know what to expect from you.

Protect Yourself from Violators – boundaries let in what is good and keep out what is bad, so you remain safe and able to express your true self.

Bring Order – without them, you are unable to regulate demands, ideas, dreams, responsibilities, opportunities, pleasures and activities. 

Promote You – leaders and employers with good boundaries know that if you have good boundaries, you can be trusted to state clearly what you can and cannot do, welcome input and work passionately without burnout.

Protect Yourself from the Control of Others – having clear boundaries makes it difficult for others to control you and makes it easier for you to say no when you need to. For example, this will help children not succumb to peer pressure when they are in dangerous situations. 

Preserve Your Purpose and Mission – once these are identified, boundaries save you for the relationships and opportunities that best fit who you are.

Protect Your Finest Personal Assets – which includes knowledge, body, skills, abilities, purpose and mission

Satisfy Your Need for Self-Confirmation – by defining you and your personality.

Ineffective Boundaries Can Lead to… 

Loss of respect from self and others

Loss of control of the direction of your life and more susceptible to dangerous activities and peer pressure

Increased chaos, distractions, and guilt.

Loss of interest in life.

Unmet goals and the stress of chaos can lead to hopelessness, depression or anxiety.