Topic 3 Understanding my Role as a Teacher

Teachers can play a dynamic role in the development of students and can act as role models for them. Especially for students that do not have a supporting family environment, the school environment and teachers acquire a more important role than they already have.

Students who assess their teachers as caring and feel that they fit in at school usually choose healthy behaviors and are less prone to get involved in health-compromising behaviors or problematic behaviors at school. Yilmaz (2011) suggested that personal characteristics such as showing empathy and understanding to students’ emotions rather than professional competency are valued more by students. In addition, teachers’ enthusiasm and excitement about the learning objective can spark students’ attention as well as increase the belief that they can succeed.

Students observe the behavior of teachers and can acknowledge when teachers are respectful and honest towards themselves, other students, or colleagues. Through imitating their behavior, students can develop the values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility.

Question 1

Match the mediational processes to their descriptions.


creation of a detailed memory


the perceived consequences or rewards will determine the imitation of the behavior


attention to the behavior and its consequences and creation of a mental representation


obtaining the physical or mental ability and skills to imitate the behavior

Question 2

The acts of role models matter more than the words they use.

True or False