Topic 3 Parents and teachers as source of information

  • Provide information on the harmful effects of underage drinking, smoking and problematic internet use to children/ adolescents and each other.
  • Be open and honest about the dangers and empower children/ adolescents to make healthier choices, work together and communicate openly.
  • Listen carefully.
  • Both home and school environments should be safe and children/ adolescents should be comfortable to approach parents/ teachers and express their feelings and ask questions.
  • Parents and teachers should communicate with each other continuously, through phone calls, emails and/ or regular parent/ teacher conferences, or meetings
  • The communication on sensitive topics such as alcohol use/ smoking and problematic internet use should be planned, and regular
  • Teachers could use the printed materials to inform the parents or organise the education on the risks associated with the alcohol use/ smoking/ problematic internet use
  • During the presentation of the problem, the use of local data can be valuable

Listen One - Another

  • As with children/ adolescents, parents and teachers should listen to one another actively, without interruptions and should provide uniform messages.
  • Tips for presenting the harmful effects of risk behaviours are presenting personal and relatable stories on the consequences.