Topic 3 Challenges in Preschool Children and Implications for Communication

Common challenges might be:

  • Separation anxiety

Because preschool is often a child’s first long and regular separation from their family and home, separation anxiety is common among children entering preschool. 

  • Learning Lag

Since preschool is the first formal learning setting for most children, this is a time in which learning disabilities or lags may be discovered.

  • Bullying and/or Social challenges 

Preschool is oftentimes the first time during which children are introduced to other peers for a prolonged period of time. This first significant social interaction can result in children clashing due to bullying, social exclusion, etc.

Social – Emotional Developmental Milestones in Preschool Children

Copies adults and friends

Shows affection for friends without prompting

Takes turns in games

Shows concern for a crying friend

Dresses and undresses

Understands the idea of “mine” and “his” or “hers”

Shows a wide range of emotions

Separates easily from family members

May get upset with major changes in routine

Enjoys doing new things

Is more and more creative with make-believe play

Would rather play with other children than alone

Cooperates with other children

Plays “Mom” or “Dad”

Often can’t tell what’s real and what’s make-believe

Talks about what he or she likes and is interested in

Wants to please friends

Wants to be like friends

Is more likely to agree with rules

Likes to sing, dance, and act

Is aware of gender

Can tell what’s real and what’s make-believe

Shows more independence

Is sometimes demanding and sometimes cooperative