Topic 2 What methodology would work and what not in a class

In this unit, there are some indications for methodologies that would work and that would not in a class in terms of prevention of problematic alcohol use.

Activity 1

Are the below statements true or myth?

a)Statement: Beer and wine are safer than liquor.

b)Statement: You can sober up quickly with a cup of coffee.

c)Statement: Drinking is safe in moderation.

d)Statement: Anyone who passes out from drinking too much should be put to bed and allowed to “sleep it off”.

e)Statement: Mixing drinks makes you more intoxicated.

f)Statement: Switching between drinks causes a hangover.

g)Statement: Fizzy (carbonated) alcoholic drinks affect you more rapidly in comparison with a non-fizzy alcoholic drink of the same percentage of alcohol.

Activity 2

Would you use the True or Myth activity in your class? Yes, or no? Why?