Topic 2 Suggestions for effective communication with teacher when parents/guardians noted child’s tobacco or alcohol problems

  • Make contacts with the teacher early – this can lead to recognition of the problem on time
  • Discuss with the teacher what are the best methods of communication;
    • So parents can easily keep in touch with teachers.
  • You will need to work together with the teacher to decide on which method of communication would be the easiest and most helpful (phone, email, text messages or other social media, e.g. Facebook or specific apps).
  • Feel free to share your preferences for modes of communication with teachers, do not hesitate to state:
    • ‘I prefer to be contacted through text message because I can see them immediately/ phone call because I always answer them/ emails because of my busy work schedule, etc.’

Effective Communication

  • Text Communication with teachers

  • Voice Communication with teachers

  • Email Communication with teachers

  • Face to face communication with teachers