Topic 2 Risk factors in the family and school

  • Poor parental supervision
  • Poor family relationships and/ or attachment
  • Issues like abuse or neglect
  • School problems or problems with social relationships with peers
  • Some undiagnosed mental health issues or alcohol use/ smoking or substance use among family members, such as parents or siblings
  • Family bonds and social support in the family
  • Mentoring or having role models
  • Developing coping skills
  • Social support among peers and school or community engagement
  • Stable home environment and
  • High self-esteem

How Can We Do That?

  • It is important to note that the presence of risk factors does not automatically mean the alcohol use/ smoking or substance use and individual risk factors may significantly differ between children/ adolescents.

The Questions We Ask Ourselves

  • How to create stronger family bonds?
  • Mentoring in schools, how to organise it?
  • How to develop coping skills tips for the parents and teachers?
  • How to develop support among students and community engagement?
  • How to ensure a stable home environment?
  • How to develop children’s self-esteem?