Topic 2 Internet as an everyday essential tool

  • The target is:
    • To help parents understand and be more familiar with normal and necessary Internet use
    • To distinguish it from problematic Internet use as well as not being afraid of Internet’s possibilities.
  • The ways of using the Internet are mostly universal and shared by both parents and their children and it is important that the parents become aware of them. This leads to the building of the constructive perception about normal, essential and problematic Internet use.


Before you begin to read the several everyday essential uses of Internet, ask yourselves:

“In which fields of our everyday lives do we use Internet?”

Also, you can reflect especially on the COVID-19 quarantine period.

Internet as an everyday essential tool

Professional tool

Practical uses

Writing, editing, designing, presenting, programming, imaging, creating, drawing, searching, experimenting, discovering, innovating, meeting, sharing, deciding, communicating (depending on the nature of each profession).

Educational tool

Practical uses

School, extra educational, scientifical and art activities and/or courses (dance, music, art, science, robotics, seminars for professional use, for hobby/spending free time and/or for personal growth

Communication tool

Practical uses

Communicating in social life, useful tool for maintaining existing and creating new social relationships.

Helping tool

Practical uses

Searching for information regarding everyday home activities (cleaning, fixing, gardening, cooking, building, decorating, searching various information about everyday life.

Entertainment / Spending free time tool

Practical uses

Playing online games, watching videos, movies, documentaries, TV series, museum and/or monument tours, reading books, listening to music and/or audible/podcasts.

Exercise / Working out tool

Practical uses

It helps maintaining the health and the activity of the human body (even from home).