Topic 2 Examples of parents’ involvement

  • Examples of parents’ involvement include:
    • Parent volunteers who can improve school safety through monitoring on the possibilities of smoking or even alcohol use in school areas such as bathrooms or yards
    • Parent volunteers can alarm teachers or draw the attention of students if they notice problematic internet use
    • Parents and teachers can together organise the programs for children/ adolescents including health-promoting activities after school and/ or during the weekends
    • Parents and teachers can develop networks for local collaboration with the aim to spread the information on safety in the community and to alarm others if any problem arises
    • Parents and teachers can be mentors to the parents of children/ adolescents that are new in the community and can introduce them to the existing efforts and/ or programs
    • Teachers can organise parent-children sessions to share their thoughts and experiences on smoking/ alcohol use/ problematic internet use
      • Parents can share their thoughts and express them freely and make them clear
      • In the same sessions, children can introduce their friends and their friends’ parents to the parents, so that the parents can be aware of who are their children spending the majority of their time with and who has the influence on them