Topic 2 Consequences of Smoking in Childhood

Smoking is very harmful to young people. Girls and boys who start smoking at a young age acquire many diseases they are not even aware of. Smoking has been proven to have a particularly detrimental effect on children therefore those who start smoking too early have quite a few problems in their daily lives, namely:

  • reduced ability to remember information and its perception;
  • deterioration of visual acuity;
  • slower reactions in movements;
  • reduced muscle strength;
  • depletion of nerve cells, leading to premature fatigue, reduced brain ability in solving logical problems;
  • activation of the thyroid gland, which is accompanied by an increased heart rate, an increase in temperature, the appearance of thirst, irritability, sleep disorders;
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    negative effect on the skin, manifested by the appearance of acne, seborrhea, change in skin tone;
  • rapid wear of the heart muscle;
  • the development of lung cancer;
  • violation of the proper work and rest schedule due to the regular desire to smoke another cigarette;
  • frequent headaches, irritability, and decreased productivity;
  • growth retardation;
  • adolescent sexual development problems;
  • underdevelopment of the mammary glands and irregular menstruation in girls;
  • behaviour problems.
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