Topic 2: 15 Signs that May Suggest Your Teenager Is Drinking Alcohol

  1. Their schoolwork and extracurricular activities slip
  2. They exhibit the physical signs of intoxication
  3. They exhibit changes in sleeping patterns.
  4. They have a whole new cast of friends
  5. They go to friends’ houses carrying a large duffel bag, tote, or backpack
  6. They speak on the phone in hushed tones
  7. They avoid questions about their activities
  8. They ask to spend the night
  9. Their behaviour changes
  10. They exhibit mood swings
  11. They have trouble concentrating and remembering things
  12. They ask for money but won’t explain
  13. They come home late with no satisfactory explanation
  14. They display symptoms оf depression
  15. They stop bringing their friends over