Topic 1 Signs that My Child Smokes

The smell of cigarettes in the mouth can be neutralised with chewing gum, toothpaste and any other means. Probably every parent who has a child who smokes has heard the answer to the question “Why do your clothes smell like cigarettes?” – “Because my friends smoke”. In most cases, this is an obvious sign that your child knows smoking. Also, the smell of cigarettes can be smelled on the hands.

We can associate this symptom with the previous one. Yes, all children love to chew gum. Teenagers communicate with their peers, teachers and others. It is normal to want to have fresh breath. But it’s not normal for gum to not come out of his mouth, especially when he gets home. Besides, constantly chewing gum can lead to an ulcer!

You know how much allowance you are giving your child. Simple arithmetic follows. You’re aware of how long he’s been away from home, you’re aware of lunch prices, you’re aware of how often he goes out to pubs or other such places. Well, do you doubt your child smokes?

This symptom is clearly evident with girls. Lately you notice that your daughter tries in every way to avoid hugs or close contact with you, especially when it is initiated by you. This is a clear sign that the girl is afraid of something. You also notice that your daughter brushes her hands and teeth too often, and is often nervous. In this case, it can mean two things: either your child is a hypochondriac, or it is a sign of bad habits and vices.

The sociability of teenagers is an axiom that requires no proof. If your child’s friends smoke – by almost certainty, so does your child.

The clearest sign that your teenager is smoking tobacco is the sudden appearance of tobacco products, such as cigarettes, lighters, loose tobacco, rolling papers, etc. Normally, these items can be hidden in backpacks, pockets, drawers, or in your teenager’s car. Be careful: it’s not a good idea to invade your child’s privacy. However, it’s advisable to keep a close watch if you think your teenager might be smoking. In these cases, you may find something in your child’s room that will answer all your questions.

Mood changes are one of the symptoms that indicates most clearly that your teenager is smoking. These may appear when the young person goes a long time without smoking, due to the addictive qualities of nicotine. In this case, your teen may act aggressive, surly or irritable. In fact studies confirm that tobacco affects teenagers’ moods.

If you notice that your child is leaving the windows of their room open often, it may be one of the most obvious signs that your teenager is smoking.  Keeping the windows open often, even when it’s cold outside, may be the smoker’s attempt to ventilate the room to keep it from smelling like smoke. Even if teenagers don’t smoke in the room, the smell  will be passed from their clothes to the room automatically. Of course, they know this.

You should know that it’s perfectly normal for your teenage children to want to leave the house from time to time, and to want their own space. However, if you notice your children are making excuses to go out frequently, this could be another sign that they’re smoking.

This means it’s a good idea to try to be alert to any behaviour that indicates your child is spending more time outside than is necessary. Pay special attention if your child goes out continually, even when the weather isn’t good.

Teenage smokers are less experienced and have worse hand-eye coordination than adults. So, they are more prone to accidentally burning things if they start smoking. Watch out for burn marks on the carpet in their room or on their clothing. Also look for burn marks in their car, as many teens think they can mask the smell of the smoke more effectively in their car then in their Room.