The responsibility of being a parent!

Parents are the most important people in a child’s life. The relationship between parents and child begins at birth and is very important for the development of the child. The child looks into the eyes of the parents and so grows up and it is very important what these eyes show him – whether that he is liked, accepted, loved or that he is not wanted. If the parents are caring, responsive and love the child, then the child grows up peaceful and happy.

Many people dream and plan from childhood how they will become parents. Everyone has a memory of little girls playing with dolls- feeding them, changing them, dressing them. Yet, who or from where do we learn to parent? Very often we repeat what we have observed as a pattern from our parents. Like their model or not we follow it too.

There are times in every parent’s life when the behaviour of a beloved child goes to a dead end. And perhaps the adults themselves, using extreme methods of parenting, do things they are later ashamed of. You are not alone in your mistakes, all parents make mistakes from time to time. But it’s always better to learn from others’ mistakes, isn’t it?