Topic 3 Organised workshops and/ or discussion groups

  • In these scenarios, teachers should expect parents who are interested in the addiction prevention to attend.
  • Sometimes, it is challenging to include all parents in the workshops and/ or discussion groups, because of long working hours, family and other obligations.
  • In these cases, the support from school for these programs and scheduling changes can help.
  • Parents can be through given information, role-playing or case studies given the information on the significance of their behaviour, setting boundaries, messages provision.
    • Be a role model, if you are drinking, drink moderately
    • Try to avoid smoking at home, in front of children/ adolescents
    • If drinking, do not drive
    • Establish the rules on internet use and screen time

Avoid Patronising Behavior

  • As teachers, respect the parents’ autonomy and use a participatory approach to addiction prevention, and, at the same time try to avoid patronising behaviour
  • Be a team and make them feel respected and as a part of a solution, not the problem
  • You should try to evoke their internal motivation for acting in the area of addiction prevention